My Sender ID does not display correctly


Some carriers place certain restrictions on Sender ID; some carriers do not allow numeric sender ID, while other carriers only allow numeric Sender ID. Other carriers will replace any custom Sender ID with one of their own.

If your Sender ID is causing your messages to fail, or not being displayed directly, it might be caused by one of the following factors. 

The Sender ID is different when it arrives at the handset

Generally the Sender ID configured in your account should be displayed for any subsequent messages. If there is a mismatch between the Sender ID set your account and on the destination handset, then this suggests that the Sender ID is being overwritten upstream. 

Whenever a custom Sender ID is being used

  • Ensure that your Sender ID is between 3 and 11 characters alphanumeric.
  • Please only use characters A-Z and numbers 0-9, and try removing any full-stop [.] or spaces [ ], and trying sending again.
  • Some carriers will reject alphanumeric and/or numeric Sender ID. Please try changing to either a number or text to see if the problem is resolved.

My Sender ID is not displaying - when I check the handset there is an unknown number that changes

For certain destinations your Sender ID may be overwritten in order to ensure compatibility with the destination network. In these cases, Sender ID is generally not supported for this destination.

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